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Who is Teseo

Teseo Rooms & Relax want to present you an experience, more than an usual bed & breakfast where sleep in the historical city center of Genoa.

Teseo was born from our idea of hospitality that includes the bed&breakfast and a unique accomodation in the heart of the historical center, in a labirinth of narrow streets, known as "Caruggi".

All the main historical sites, the Acquarium, shops and restaurants are at walking distance.

Teseo Rooms&Relax will take care of you providing charming rooms and appartments, each of them with an individual, refined design, and a Wellness Area to enjoy your relax after having visited the "Labirinth"

Theseus in Genoa

As well as Theseus decided to enter the labyrinth, we also recommend that you get lost in the historical center of Genoa.
Yes you got it right: get lost!

This is what you should do to visit the historical center, lose your sense of direction, let yourself be guided by the scents, parfumes, the buzzing of the people, let them guide your senses. We will be happy to welcome you when you are back in one of our splendid and refined apartments.

We could reserve you a moment only for you, with a relaxing sauna, an inebriating emotional shower or a pleasant Turkish bath, in our wellness area that will surprise you.

Theseus’s adventure in the labyrinth represents the path that man undertakes in search of himself, to overcome his own limits so it is the symbol of our daily challenge, of our philosophy.

The myth

It all began when the king of Crete, Minos, asked the god of the sea, Poseidon, for a gift: a bull to be sacrificed in his honor.

Poseidon accepted and made a splendid specimen of white bull rise from the waves, so beautiful that the king, instead of sacrificing him, decided to keep him as a riding bull for his herd.

Poseidon, to punish Minos for his disobedience, made his wife Pasiphae fall in love with the bull. From their union Asterio was born, a creature half man and half bull, the minotaur.

The minotaur was very ferocious and frightened anyone who saw him, therefore Minos had him locked up in the labyrinth of Knossos. Built by Daedalus, it was so knotty with its corridors, doors, fake entrances, that once entered, no one could get out.

Minos’s son, Androgeus, famous for his excellent athletic abilities, went to Athens to participate in gymnastics games ; he was killed there by some young Athenians. Minos took revenge harshly for the death of his son: he defeated the Athenians and forced them to pay an annual tribute: seven boys and seven girls to be fed to the minotaur.

Tired of this atrocious arrogance, the young and fearless Theseus, son of Aegeus, king of Athens and of Aethra, decided to go himself to the palace of Knossos to kill the Minotaur.

At the court of Minos, where Theseus was received, he met the young Ariadne, daughter of the king of Crete Minos and Pasifae. The beautiful girl fell in love with Theseus at first glance. For love, she betrayed her stepbrother Minotaur handed Theseus a ball of wool which he, at the entrance to the labyrinth, began to unravel until, through tunnels, halls, corridors, he met the ferocious minotaur.

After a hard fight, he managed to kill him. At this point, gradually rewinding the thread he was able to find the exit from the labyrinth. Quite easily.
Theseus took Ariadne away from Crete with him, but then abandoned her on the island of Naxos. The girl realizing what had happened, cursed him and cried so much that Dionysus gave her a golden crown to comfort her. At her death the crown was transformed by the god into a shining constellation : the constellation of the Corona Borealis.


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