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Teseo is unique in Genoa.

Inside the bed & breakfast located in the historical core of the city of Genoa, full of small streets, you can't imagine to unveil an elegant wellness area where you can relax and escape from everyday life.

Give yourself a break in the amazing spaces of Teseo Rooms & Relax, the only bed and breakfast in the historical center of Genoa, equipped with a charming wellness area.

Book the original emotional shower, the sauna and the steam room.

After a long day discovering the city, take care of yourself in our wellness area.

Dry sauna

In such frenetic times, where our days run relentlessly fast, the research for a relaxing moment is a gift.

The sauna is capable, in a really short time, to eject a big quantity of toxin from the human body. The exposition at a temperature between 60° an 100° and the dry air make a sauna a real cure for body and mind. 


The first and immediate benefit from sauna is the endorphine release in the human brain giving you comfort.


To make the sauna a regenerating experience here below some tips:
- Eat a light meal like cereal, yogurt and fruits
- Provide your body a good supply of fluid by drinking a hot herbal tea


The first stage of heating takes from 5 to 8 min and you can choose to stay comfortable lying down or seated

In the second stage, 2 min, we advise to sit with the feet on the ground to reactivate the blood circulation

The state of mind is foundamental, try to relax, enjoy the heat and let yourself be carried away by the music

At the end of treatment lie on the comfortable chaises longues, and taste some herbal tea from our wide selection

Steam Bath

Water is health, even when it takes form of steam that envelops the body; in the history, the Greeks, the Romans and the people of the middle east have made it a true philosophy of life.

Let yourself eveloped by a implapable and lukewarm steam that decongest the breath, get RID of every toxins trought sweat and feel the percepition of your body


The turkish bath or steam room, for its invigorating and relaxing properties is one of the best therapies for fight stress and tension to which we are subjected daily


Drink a herbal tea or a glass of water, sit comfortably, get involved and inebriate with the scent of the essential oils, studied to awaken, stimulate and relax your perceptions

- Let yourself be moved by cromotherapy, wich has beneficial effects on your body and your mind


In the steam room is an enviroment where the umidity is around 100% and the temperature goes from 25 to 50.

After the turkish bath, relax for about 15min, leave your senses behind and let your emotion pervade you
Close your eyes and use your imagination, comfortably lying under a beautiful tropical wall: we are sure you can leave behind any tension

Emotional Shower

The emotional shower is wellness path that brings together in a jet of water some of our senses: more precisely touch, sight and smell.

Imagine you're in a tropical forest, hot water alternates with cold water gently massaging your body. The space is colored with relaxing lights and in the air you breath aromas and essences of faraway landscapes.

Enjoy a unique experience involving yourself with flour of your emotions and feelings.

The emotional shower is inspired by chromotherapy that is the beneficial perception of the colours having impact on your body: relaxing, calming and refreshing giving strength and vigor to your body.

Get involved and you will be pervaded , in the cold water phase by refreshing mint aroma, then a tropical cycle will take you to distant countries with the scent of maracuja.

Let yourself be led from nordic and cold enviroments to warm and exotic atmospheres.

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