Wellness Zone

Teseo is unique in Genoa.

Teseo is a unique place in Genova, where you would even find an elegant wellness zone which includes a dry sauna, a Turkish steam bath or Hammam and a sensory shower. Here you will have a moment to yourself, to escape your everyday routine and relax. The wellness zone is open only for our guest, and it has to be booked in advance; it lasts about 1 hour and a half., dove poter evadere dalla quotidianità e dalla frenesia delle tue giornate.

We will provide you with all the necessary to make your experience perfect, bathrobe, towels, slippers, fresh water and herbal teas.

The dry sauna

In this hectic time we are all experiencing these days, the quest for a moment of relax and wellness is a fundamental necessity for all of us. The dry sauna has its benefits, since it can help your body getting rid of a huge amount of toxins in a very short time. Being exposed to high temperatures , between 60 and 100 degrees ,in a very dry environment, it’s a real cure for both your body and your mind. 


The first and immediate benefit from sauna is the endorphines released in your brain that will give you comfort.


To make the sauna a regenerating experience , we would like to give you some tips:
- Eat a light meal like cereal, yogurt and fruits
- Provide your body a good supply of fluid by drinking a hot herbal tea


The first stage of heating takes from 5 to 8 min and you can choose to stay comfortable lying down or seated.

In the second stage, 2 min, we advise to sit with the feet on the ground to help reactivate blood circulation.

The state of mind is essential in this experience, so, try to relax, enjoy the heat and let yourself be carried away by the music.

At the end of treatment you can lie on our comfortable chaises longues, and taste some herbal tea from our wide selection.

Steam Bath

Water is health, even when it takes form of steam that wrap up the body; historically, the Greeks, the Romans and all people in the middle East have made it a true philosophy of life.

Let yourself be curled up by a weightless and lukewarm steam that decongest the breath, helping you to get rid of toxins through sweat and feel the sense of your body.


The Turkish steam bath or steam room, for its invigorating and relaxing properties is one of the best therapies to fight stress and release tension that we experience every day.


Drink a herbal tea or a glass of water, sit comfortably, get involved and inebriate with the scent of the essential oils, studied to awaken, stimulate and relax your senses.

- Let yourself be moved by cromotherapy, which has benefic effects on your body and your mind


The steam room is an enviroment where the umidity is around 100% and the temperature goes from 25 to 50.

After the steam bath, relax for about 15min, leave your senses behind and let your emotion come over you.

Close your eyes and use your imagination, comfortably lying under a beautiful tropical wall: we are sure you will leave any tension behind.

Sensory Shower

The sensory shower is wellness path that brings together under a jet of water some of our senses, touch, sight and smell, precisely.

Imagine you're in a tropical forest, and hot water alternates with cold water gently massaging your body. The space is coloured with relaxing lights and in the air you smell perfumes and essences of faraway landscapes.

Enjoy a unique experience that involves your emotions and feelings.

The sensory shower is inspired by chromotherapy that is the study of how the perception of colours could effect our bodies and minds: relaxing, calming and refreshing giving strength to them.

Get involved and you will be pervaded , in the cold water phase by refreshing mint aroma, then a tropical cycle will take you to distant countries with the scent of maracuja.

Let yourself be led from northern and cold landscapes to warm and exotic atmospheres.

What are you still waiting for? Book now your relax moment at Teseo’s.


Do you want to sleep in Genoa?

Teseo ti dà il benvenuto nella zona benessere.

Ti aspettiamo per farti rilassare nella nostra zona relax nel cuore del centro storico di Genova.

Piazza di Soziglia, 1, 16123 Genova GE


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